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• Turn THM Removal Into THM Management.
• Fight cyanobacteria in your ponds, lakes, and near-shore areas.
• Check out our ResidualHQ©- Overview & On-Demand Webinar videos!
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button linking to aerationplus operation demonstration videosTurn THM Removal Into THM Management

Medora now offers the AMS THM-100 Predictive THM Analyzer.

Medora Corporation has been providing industry-leading THM Removal Systems since 2010 and we continue to push the market for ever more effective and efficient THM removal strategies.

Last year we came out with the new 3DX nozzle design for our SN Series Spray Aeration Equipment.

This year we're excited to announce we've teamed up with Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) to add predictive THM analysis to our offering!image showing the AMS Aqua Metrology Systems THM-100FP Trihalomethane Analyzer for water systems

And when you add up the best THM removal equipment on the market with the best THM analyzer on the market, you now have a powerful THM management solution you can trust and rely on.  

Learn more about the AMS THM-100 Predictive THM Analyzer below and contact us to discuss how we can help solve your THM issues.


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Active Circulation Helps Lakes, Ponds And Near-Shore Areas

Fight cyanobacteria and improve your overall water quality.

image showing the AerationPlus© Lake & Pond Circulator in a stormwater pond.SolarBee® Lake Circulators having been working to restore and improve water quality for nearly 20 years and over this time, active circulation has proven itself and effective water quality improvement strategy in hundreds and hundreds of waterbodies. Many of these projects have layers of administrative hoops & hurdles and can be difficult to get a plan agreed upon, implemented and moving forward.

But what about the "little guy"?  What can people do to improve their water quality "right now" that is smaller in scale, easy to implement, and affordable?


This is exactly why we developed the AerationPlus© Lake & Pond Circulator.


The AerationPlus©  is an extremely effective air-powered circualtor with no moving parts in the water.  It is completely safe to operate in high-traffic, high-use places such as docks, marinas, and swimming areas.  It is also very simple to deploy and very quiet.

The AerationPlus© is a perfect circulation solution for better water quality. Learn more about the AerationPlus© below or contact us to discuss how to make your water better!


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Check out our ResidualHQ© Overview & On-Demand Webinar videos!

The ResidualHQ© Automated Disinfectant Control System is an exciting new tool for the potable water industry and it has been garnering a lot of attention!  The following videos will help you understand a little more how the ResidualHQ© system works.  Please contact us if you have any questions!

button for ResidualHQ Disinfectant Control Systems equipment technical data linkbutton for ResidualHQ Disinfectant Control Systems how to start a project

•ResidualHQ© General System Overview


•ResidualHQ© On-Demand Webinar


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