...we saved an estimated $50k in PAC savings compared to prior years.
We attribute these reductions and carbon savings to the SolarBee, and are very happy with results so far...
The SolarBee unit we've had in operation since last year has allowed us to cut down on power significantly and even more importantly cut down on service costs...
The success of SolarBees has allowed us for the last few years to maintain current wholesale water rate.

SB Series Solar-Powered Mixers

Water Quality Improvement Through Mixing & Circulation

The SB Series Solar Powered Mixers -also known as the original SolarBee®- are the flagship equipment for Medora Corporation.

SolarBee® Lake Circulator improving water quality in a cove near a damSolarBee® SB Series mixers (and its cousin GF Series) take advantage of the way water forms thin horizontal layers in all reservoirs. Utilizing solar power and highly efficient motor / mixing drive systems, the SolarBee® pulls in water at the desired depth from all corners of the basin providing effective mixing to a predetermined depth.  SolarBees are designed to operate 24 hours per day on solar power, utilizing digital logic for power management, auto-reverse, and anti-jam features.  They are a scalable solution for most applications where water quality improvement is desired.

SolarBee® circulation & mixing equipment can help in a wide variety of applications from:


To evaluate your system to find out if a Medora Corporation solution will work for you, please feel free to contact us button for SolarBee® SB Series lake circulator mixers

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