They are not only professional but take extra steps to make sure the Customer is happy.
We reduced WTP operating costs caused by algae blooms.
– James Brown, Water Production Manager
“We reduced our nitrate levels and lowered our energy costs.”
– John Willis, Wastewater Plant Supervisor
Most notably, I measured a new record water clarity level in our Lake of 25' on Friday, September 25th, 2015.




Most every human endeavor depends on it and equipment from Medora Corporation helps make it better.

Effective water quality solutions from Medora CorporationIt sustains our being, provides recreation, is vital for the growing of food, integral for the production of materials, and becomes the medium through which to cleanse & start the cycle anew.

Medora Corporation combines knowledge and experience from across the water quality spectrum to help solve real-world problems where it's needed... 


GridBee® and SolarBee® equipment continue to be at the forefront as the #1 world leader for in-situ water body treatment.


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