AerationPlus© 1800 Circulator

 Targeted Circulation For Lake & Pond Areas

The AerationPlus© 1800 Circulator is specifically designed to provide targeted zone circulation to lake and pond areas with up to 5 acres of influence per circulator.  No part of the AerationPlus 1800 is above the water allowing for effective circulation without being seen which can be especially important in more aesthetic settings such as golf courses and dock areas.  There is no electricity in the water and the circulator is safe in high traffic areas such as marinas and swimming areas.  The all-weather, ultra-quiet air unit is barely noticeable even in hushed social situations.

No moving parts.  Just great circulation right out of the box.
  • AerationPlus 1800 Circulator
  • Air Unit
  • Weighted Air Hose
  • Timer Control Box



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The AerationPlus 1800 Circulator is built from lightweight, long lasting plastic anchored from the bottom and is easily deployable by one person.  It is capable of 2-15 CFM operation with a 3/4" air hose connection.  Minimum operating depth of 3.0 feet (0.91 meter).

The Air Unit is is a 1/4 HP (200 Watt) rated air pump unit capable of producing 2.0 cubic feet per minute (0.06 cubic meters per minute) @ 2.5 psi (17 kiloPascal). It requires a standard 120vAC, 20 Amp Service.

The system comes with 100 feet of sinking air hose. 

AerationPlus lake & pond circulator before and after images


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