DBS-125 Disinfectant Boost System

Sometimes You Need A Little Boost

Mixing a potable drinking water reservoir has many known benefits but sometimes intervention beyond mixing is required to keep water quality high. Periodic in-tank disinfectant boosting can be an effective method for chemical dilution and distribution.  It can also provide an effective means for breakpoint chlorination when necessary. 

Medora Corporation offers a portable, air-operated disinfectant injection system compatible with GridBee® / SolarBee® mixers. This system allows you to dose small amounts of disinfectant chemical (chlorine and chloramine) frequently to maintain desired disinfectant residual levels and is far less costly than having a major problem occur in a tank.DBS Disinfectant Boost System, Medora Corporation GridBee SolarBee

Portable. Easily fits in a small pickup truck box or on a small trailer.

*Requires an air compressor to pump the fluids and purge the lines after dosing.

For detailed, product specific information relating to this equipment model, please reference the Supporting Documents listed on this page.




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