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AerationPlus© Lake & Pond Circulators

Affordable Circulation For Your Small Lakes & Ponds


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The AerationPlus© is the latest freshwater circulation equipment offering from Medora Corporation.  We combined all our patented knowledge & experience in large lake applications and focused it especially for small lakes and ponds as well as small areas on larger reservoirs.  It is a perfect circulation solution for:

  • Docks & marinas
  • Swimming areas
  • Stormwater retention basins
  • Private lakes & ponds
  • Park & golf course ponds & waterscapes 


The AerationPlus© is completely submerged for those areas where aesthetics are important and there is no electricity in the water so it is safe in high-use areas.

The AerationPlus© comes with everything you need including air hose and an ultra-quiet air unit.  Great circulation can be up & running in less than an hour.


Easy to deploy.  Easy to maintain.

Easy on the wallet.



Two AerationPlus© Sizes Available!

  • AerationPlus© Model 1800- Up to 5 surface acres of circulation.
  • AerationPlus© Model 2800- 3 to 8 surface acres of circulation!


Two Air-Unit Options Available!

  • Standard Air Pump- For a maximum air hose depth of 12 feet.
  • Deep Water Air Compressor- For air hose depths greater than 12 feet.


AerationPlus lake & pond circulator before and after images

AerationPlus lake & pond circulator before and after images


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