The amount of chlorine usage for the recycled water tanks dropped 50% after the installation of the SolarBees.
We installed the GS-9 ourselves in 1 hour. Very complete kit and great instructions! The mixers are working as advertised!
We are having zero problems with the THM removal system, and continually seeing positive results.

Potable Water Systems

Effective drinking water treatment is the lifeblood for every community.

THM TTHM removal system potable tanks solarbee gridbee medora corporationGridBee® / SolarBee® potable equipment can help with many of the issues suffered by chlorinated & chloraminated systems alike as well as those that are more treatment specific (i.e.  THM removal in chlorinated systems) and/or nitrification issues in chloraminated systems.


Medora Corporation started the potable tank active mixing market in 2003 and leads the industry for mixers in potable tanks and clearwells.

From raw water source waters through the treatment plant to storage & distribution, and on to the homes & businesses in our communities, people depend on a consistent and safe supply of water.

NSF ANSI Standard 61 372 certified potable tanks drinking water solarbee gridbee medora corporation


We work hand in hand with Customers to improve their overall water treatment strategy and in turn, help to avoid compliance violations.


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