This is the best [company] that we have ever dealt with in my 23 years at the city!"
On a scale of 1-10 in customer service we rate [Medora Corporation] a 10+++!
We are completely, 100% satisfied with your service and are impressed how your company went the extra mile!
The unit we've had in operation since last year has allowed us to cut down on power significantly...
I have nothing but high praise for them.
Medora Corporation provides a great product and excellent service.

GF Series Grid-Powered Mixers

GridBee® GF Series mixing equipment has all the benefits of the patented SolarBee® circulation but operates strictly off grid power.  

Just like the SolarBee®, this equipment takes advantage of the way water forms thin horizontal layers in all reservoirs. Utilizing grid power only and highly efficient motor / mixing drive systems, GF Series equipment pull in water at the desired depth from all corners of the basin providing effective mixing to a predetermined depth. GF Series equipment are designed to operate 24 hours per day using minimal power.  They are a scalable solution for most applications where electrical is available and water quality improvement is desired.


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