The mixers are working as advertised!
We installed the GS-9 ourselves. Very complete kit. Great instructions!
The levels of chlorine residual have become more consistent after installing the GS-12 mixer.
We presented the data to the Board last week and the City is very pleased with the results of the GS-12.
After installing the GS-12 mixer, I was able to keep the tank full during the winter with no icing problems.

GS Series Submersible Water Storage Tank Mixers

Tanks Need Mixing.

We Made It Easy.

Starting Less Than $7,000!

You just can't get any better than a GS Series Submersible Tank Mixer.

water tank painted like a smiley face with a partly cloudy blue sky. caption: "now you can afford to mix all your tanks"

The Gridbee® GS Series was developed specifically from Customer observations in the field. It pulls direct flow into the end of the machine and discharges through 3 long slots on the top. Direct flow leaves the mixer as a “vertical sheet” of water while also dragging induced flow water up from the bottom of the tank.


Most importantly, it gives a floor to surface complete tank mix which gives you consistent disinfectant contact and residuals.

GS Series Potable Tank Mixer flow demonstration animation gif for a cylindrical reservoirGS Series mixers can be deployed in any tank build (underground, ground storage, or elevated) and any tank size.


No need to drain the tank
or take it out of service!


Simple to deploy.
Cost effective to operate.
Dependable & consistent mixing.


All GS Series Mixers

  • are engineered for easy deployment. Everything you need is in the box!
  • can be deployed while the tank is in service. No tank entry required!
  • are designed for quiet operation.
  • utilize efficient sheet mixing technology.
  • have a liquid disinfectant boosting port.
  • have SCADA control panels available.


Medora Corporation certification stamp for NSF ANSI Standard 61 & 372


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