At the beginning we hoped the SolarBees would "kinda work", but we test the lakes all the time and it proves they really do the job.
We are amazed how clean the water is.
We have had the best water quality in our lakes ever! We give the credit to the SolarBees.
Because of these results we are ordering a SolarBee for one of our other lakes.
The water quality is much improved since the SolarBee was installed.
We reduced WTP operating costs caused by algae blooms.
– James Brown, Water Production Manager

Lakes & Raw Water Reservoirs

Better lakes make a better life all the way around.

Raw water reservoir with quote "SolarBee put the sparkle back in our raw water reservoir"We all "head for the water". It's where we take our families for rest and relaxation.  It's where we make our homes.  And it's a go to source for the drinking water supply we all depend on.

So what is there to do when it goes bad?

There is no miracle pill when it comes to water quality improvement and maintenance. Sometimes the answer to your lake problems may reside in multiple technologies and practices. Chemicals, manufactured wetlands, and other management practices may be needed as part of a well rounded, multi-pronged approach.  But one thing is for sure...

SolarBee® equipment can provide all the circulation needed to effectively improve your reservoir water quality from day one.

We all have a vested interest in the best water possible.  Let's find out how Medora Corporation circulation technologies can help you make water better.

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