...an eyesore became an attractive community recreational amenity which increased local property values...
Within six months, the area’s natural ecology was restored, all without the use of chemical treatments or electricity consumption.
This circulation is key to increasing dissolved oxygen levels, eliminating hydrogen sulfide odors, and...toxic blue-green algae blooms.

Stormwater Retention Basins

Stormwater is fast becoming an important community resource.

Fix stormwater water quality problems with Medora CorporationStormwater Management has come to be increasingly vital as our urban areas grow and more land is developed. The ability to accomodate high runoff inflows to avoid flood events is perhaps the most primary function; however, there is much, much more to the overall game plan. Some other strategies start right at home with rain barrels while others revolve around the development of soft structures such as swales or wetlands.  Mitigation of pollutants (i.e. fertilizers, surface oils, road side refuse) also come into play as the runoff makes it way through the system.  And even further, stormwater can also be harvested as Water Re-Use strategies become more a common practice!

Some of the most effective and valuable stormwater management strategies are the use of the retention basins.  And it is here where the benefits of circulation and mixing are needed most. GridBee and SolarBee circulators can help you meet your goals in virtually all stormwater applications.

Stormwater retention ponds or basins (also known as wet ponds) add crucial capacity to the overall stormwater management system and can also serve as important community amenities; however, any community benefits can be quickly overshadowed if the retention basin is allowed to become stagnate, stinky, and a breeding ground for cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms.  Maximizing water quality in these basins becomes even more critical as Integrated Water Management look to these stormwater resources as a way to supplement water supplies for potable & re-use irrigation applications.

Combined stormwater overflow (CSO) ponds, ponds designed to hold water until it can be directed through the wastewater treatment plant;  goals may include: 

  • Cyanobacteria Mitigation

  • Keep solids suspended so they pass through without settling

  • Odor cap the top of the pond to prevent sulfide release

  • Prevent  short circuiting for longer true detention time

  • Reduction of energy cost and maintenance cost compared to existing aeration system

Circulating and mixing is the most effective strategy to improve and maintain water quality in your stormwater retention basins.


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