It has solved the grease problem that we were having in this wet well.
The AP500 is doing wonders.
These are very well built, well designed, robust pieces of equipment.
Our expectations have been met.
We are sold on the product. Your service is great.
...the system worked like clockwork, no problems...
We are very happy with your company. Everybody is friendly, informative, and we really enjoy working with you.

In The Mix E-Newsletter- July 2017

Cyanobacteria Season Is In Full Swing!

This is the time of year when many lakes and reservoirs in the northern hemispere are experiencing cyanobacteria (a.k.a. blue-green algae) bloom issues.  A good deal of these cyanobacteria species can produce harmful cyanotoxins in certain situations which can adversely affect the health of animals and humans who come into direct contact with them.  Even more distressing, some of the latest research involving cyanobacteria show a potential link between cyanotoxins and Alzheimer’s Disease for people living near cyanobacteria bloom-plagued lakes.  Other problems directly attributable to unchecked cyanobacterial blooms include taste and odor issues in drinking water source reservoirs and post-bloom anoxic events that can cause fishkills among other things.

SolarBees Work, Learn How

Medora’s SolarBee® Lake Circulators have a proven "blue-green algae battling" track record over 15 years in over 400 waterbodies and they continue to be the most effective cyanobacteria control strategy available.  But we encourage you to learn for yourself.  The latest videos in our "Everything Lake" Video White Board Series quickly explain all the ins and outs of SolarBee® circulation and how it works to combat cyanobacteria blooms.



No One Else Does It Better

Short of using unsustainable toxic chemicals on a regular basis into infinity, we know of no other cyanobacteria bloom control measure with as many successes or a better overall success rate (95%) than SolarBee®.  When evaluating other technolgies, consider asking them to:

• Name one cyanobacteria mitigation strategy that has controlled more cyanobacteria blooms in freshwater lakes & reservoirs than SolarBee®. (Hint: There isn't any).

• Other than SolarBee®, name one cyanobacteria control strategy that has solved cyanobacteria problems in more than ten (10) freshwater lakes and reservoirs. (Hint: There isn't any).


solarbee making water better in beautiful mountain lakeSolarBees Are A "Right Now" Solution

With every passing day, the public is becoming more and more aware of the cyanobacteria problem plaguing many of our lakes and reservoirs.  Over the past decades, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on research with no discernible progress other than to fund more research.  To be fair, there is real value to research; however, if no solutions are ever realized, the value becomes merely academic with a high taxpayer cost.  

SolarBees change the game and put reliable cyanobacteria control within reach.

The news media as well are paying notice to the cyanobacteria problems in our lakes and reservoirs.  Just take a look at a small sampling of the latest headlines...

  • Drought increases poisoning risks to livestock
  • Toxic blue-green algae found at Silverwood Lake, prompting beach closures
  • Avoid and Report Harmful Algal Blooms in Wyoming Waters
  • Slacks Pond Beach deemed unsafe after harmful algae discovered
  • Napa pond still tests positive for toxic blue-green algae
  • Algal bloom spreads to majority of Utah Lake
  • Blue-green algae bloom closes swimming at Sylvan Beach until further notice


And that's just a the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Headlines like this have been hitting everyday for months already and media awareness is as high as we've ever seen it.  If there was ever a perfect time to promote good solid information on cyanobacteria, its effects, and control measures (like SolarBee® Lake Circulators!), it is definitely now.  


Your Cyanobacteria Information Destination:

We collect, write about, & post information on cyanobacteria control and our latest solutions all the time.  It's as easy as searching "cyanobacteria" on our website or we'll do it for you by clicking this link right here.  Want to discuss cyanobacteria solutions further?


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