It has solved the grease problem that we were having in this wet well.
The AP500 is doing wonders.
These are very well built, well designed, robust pieces of equipment.
Our expectations have been met.
We are sold on the product. Your service is great.
...the system worked like clockwork, no problems...
We are very happy with your company. Everybody is friendly, informative, and we really enjoy working with you.

In The Mix E-Newsletter- October 2017

• New White Board Video For Energy Savings In Wastewater Partial-Mix Ponds

Learn how to save big on energy cost with a fast payback!

There are two basic considerations when sizing aeration needs for a given pond.

• Dissolved oxygen production (aeration) and
• Dissolved oxygen distribution (mixing)

The horsepower requirement for mixing tends to be significantly larger than the horsepower needed for aeration.  Floating wastewater mixers can provide all the mixing needed which can result in substantial energy savings (each unit can displace upwards of 30 to 50 horsepower of aeration (mixing) run-time depending on the project).  This can result in an exceptionally fast project payback of 1 -3 years!

Want easy access to all videos from Medora Corporation?  Go to our Video Library!



• Featured Case Study Of The Month: Industrial / Municipal Wastewater Energy Savings

Real world energy savings and a 2.5 year payback!

The acquisition of the 9 SolarBee® units was part of the City’s decade-long energy-saving plan for its WWTP. The purchases were offset by a grant from a regional Energy Smart Industrial Program that covered about 70% of the total cost. Aeration usage in the secondary lagoon has decreased approximately 52% from 550 hp/day to 266 hp/day, while still meeting dissolved oxygen, BOD and TSS requirements.

This savings exceeds original goals that gave an estimated payback period of about 2.5 years!

Read the entire Case Study here!



• Disappointed in your existing tank mixer? Ask about our Potable Water Tank Mixer Trade-In Program!

Not all potable water tank mixers are the same and neither is post-sales support & service.  With Medora Corporation, we guarantee great support, great service, and great mixing with our industry-leading GS Series Potable Tank Mixers.

Trade in your old potable mixer and take advantage of up to a $1,000 back on new GS Series Equipment!

All active mixers qualify for an evaluation.  If you strike a deal with the factory, just have the mixer setting aside for the factory crews to pick up or else send it to the factory freight prepaid after you receive our trade-in offer.

Don't miss out, offer ends December 31, 2017.

Contact Us for more details!



• Upcoming Conferences: Visit Us In Houston, Texas & Portland, Oregon!





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