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The 2019 Water Quality Solutions Overview Edition

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Potable Water Tank Mixers

Tanks need mixing.

Mixing is the one of the easiest strategies to improve the water quality in your tanks. No more need for energy-intensive deep cycling or flushing and the benefits are immediate.

• Prevents stagnation, thermal stratification & short-circuiting.
• Provides uniform water age & equal distribution of disinfectant residual.
• Increases contact time (baffle factor) in clearwells.
• Reduces nitrification in chloraminated systems.
• Reduces ice buildup & tank damage in cold climates.

Performance guaranteed for any size tank or clearwell!

Medora Corporation’s potable water products are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 & NSF/ANSI Standard 372. Go to for more detailed information.

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image showing the solarbee potable water tank mixerimage showing the GridBee GS Series Submersible Potable Water Tank Mixerimage showing CFD flow modeling of a GS-12 Tank Mixer in an 8MG reservoir.


THM & VOC Removal Systems

Industry-leading spray aeration proven to get THMs out.

image showing the SN Series THM Removal System layout in a tank.GridBee® SN Series THM & VOC Removal Systems are designed to provide maximum benefit most anywhere in the tank or along the line. It has received many, many positive reviews and is recommended for use by many large & small engineering firms across the United States.

Proven results and guaranteed performance! 

Both in-tank and skid systems are available.


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Automated Disinfectant Control

Control your residuals with confidence.
image showing the ResidualHQ© Automated Disinfectant Control System

Medora Corporation’s ResidualHQ© Automated Disinfectant Control is a continuous residual monitoring & disinfectant delivery platform for both chlorine or chloramine systems.  It combines proven strategies with forward thinking solutions to maximize performance, minimize moving parts, and simplify overall operation & maintenance.

  • No chemical transfer pumps.

  • No chemical metering pumps.

You can now fully control your disinfectant residuals confidently anywhere in your system …in the pipe or in the tank... with intelligent, data driven decisions for better water quality.

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Lakes, Ponds, & Raw Water Reservoirs

Circulation is the key for water quality improvement.
compliation of four images showing how SolarBee and AerationPlus circulators work in a lake

Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms and associated cyanotoxins may be at the top of the problem list for most freshwater applications but there are other water quality priorities depending on reservoir type and use.  Recreational lakes likely favor good fishing & safe swimming while reservoirs used as a raw water drinking source may look to minimize taste & odor issues or reduce iron & manganese coming into the plant. 

Whatever the problem to be solved, all fresh water applications share a common goal... achieving and maintaining the best and safest water possible.  


SolarBee® Epilimnetic Circulation

Mitigate harmful cyanobacteria blooms, reduce taste and odor problems in drinking water and improve dissolved oxygen & pH levels.  Lake circulation has also been shown to help reduce invasive aquatic weed and filamentous algae growth.

SolarBee® Hypolimnetic Circulation

Improve dissolved oxygen levels deep, prevent the accumulation of Mn, Fe, H2S, methyl-Hg and help prevent fish kills.

AerationPlus© Air-Powered Circulation

Designed especially for small lakes, ponds and small areas on larger reservoirs.  It is a perfect circulation solution for:

Docks & Marinas
Swimming Areas
Stormwater Retention Basins
Private Lakes & Ponds
Park & Golf Course Ponds

The AerationPlus© is completely submerged for those places where aesthetics are important. There are no moving parts or electricity in the water so it is safe to operate in high-use areas.


Wastewater Mixing Solutions

Effective mixing can improve your process & save energy.
compilation image showing floating and air-powered wastewater mixers

Medora Corporation offers a complete range of electric, solar, and air-powered mixing equipment to fit virtually every wastewater basin or pond regardless of the application.  The flexibility to tailor the equipment specifically to your needs greatly reduces the number of machines required and the project initial cost.

And our AP Series Air-Powered Mixers can be sized to provide aeration too!

Ask us for a free evaluation of your wastewater system!



Energy savings can pay for the mixing project! The horsepower requirement for mixing tends to be significantly larger than what is needed for aeration. Wastewater mixers from Medora Corporation can provide all the needed mixing resulting in substantial energy savings. The project payback may be as little as in 1-3 years!

Enhanced Mixing

Enhanced mixing can benefit all wastewater systems and help maintain compliance. It can help improve BOD & TSS by reducing short-circuiting and increasing detention time.  The J-hook intake option makes great mixing possible in ponds with high level fluctuation.

Odor Control

Odor control can be achieved with specialized mixing in equalization basins, anaerobic ponds and de-gassing deep, industrial high-waste ponds.

Increases Solids Suspension

Increased Solids Suspension and better processing can be reliably achieved in total mix applications, aerobic, and anaerobic basins.

Better Phosporus Removal

Better mixing can make for better phosphurus removal. You can attain more effective chemical distribution and better phosphorus removal results with Medora Corporation wastewater mixers.

compilation image showing flow patterns of Medora Corporation wastewater mixing equipment



Lift Station Wet Well Mixing

Fight wipes.  Stop clogs.  Wet wells need mixing.compilation showing the AP500 wet well mixer, before and after

The AP500 wet well mixer helps keep solids—such as wipes—in suspension as sheets instead of clumps and prevents lift station pumps from clogging. Mixing also helps reduce H2S odors and corrosion as well as grease buildup.

These tough little mixers are ideal for almost all types of liquids in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment tanks, basins & ponds, or as a backup mixer.  shallow or deep - wherever mixing is needed.

• Constructed of 316SS and polymer materials
• Portable & compact (fits through a 14 inch opening)
• Easily installed by plant personnel


Everything you need is in the box!

The GridBee® AP500 shipped as a complete system including...

• the mixer,
• a quiet, long-life air unit,
• and the air hose.



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