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ResidualHQ© Disinfectant Control System

Proven Strategies With Forward Thinking Solutions

The ResidualHQ© is a continuous operation disinfectant control system utilizing simple & proven technologies in harmonious operation to provide a complete solution for your disinfectant residual management.  It was designed to solve several specific problems encountered by conventional systems.

  • No chemical metering or transfer pumps.
  • Very few moving parts.
  • Simple & easy maintenance & calibration.

The ResidualHQ© is a flexible & user-friendly platform for fully manual to fully automatic operation (or anywhere inbetween!)  You can control your disinfectant residuals confidently anywhere in your system with intelligent, data driven decisions for better water quality.

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Access ResidualHQ© quick overview videos & more information below...image of the ResidualHQ© Disinfectant Control System from Medora Corporation

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It's time to think about tank ice in cold country.

Ice developing in Potable Water TankFor those of us who live in “cold country" where winter temperatures consistently drop below freezing, ice in your potable water storage tanks is an ever-present threat.  Serious tank damage and serious repair costs can occur if tank ice is not addressed.

Let’s take a quick look at one system where tank ice became a serious predicament... read more


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