Phosphorus Compliance

Get better phosphorus removal results with floating wastewater mixers.

SolarBee® unit

Phosphorus removal most always depends on aluminum sulfate (alum), ferric chloride, or some other precipitating compound to do the heavy lifting; however, somebody or something has to be the method of delivery.

By using Medora Corporation's floating wastewater mixing equipment, you have an effective & efficient strategy for controlled & consistent alum dispersion and better phosphorus removal.

Alum / Chemical Injection On Shore Connection

Better dispersion ensures better contact within the water column.  Better contact equals more phosphorus removal.  And better phosphorus removal is the goal.  But good mixing and circualtion goes way beyond just a way to dose alum.  With GridBee® / SolarBee® equipment, you get better treatment and processing all the way around.


Check out our phosphorus removal video white board!


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