"The team that came out to support us were amazing, extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and really expedient."
We really appreciate your customer service!
"We are very impressed with the service we receive from your company and we are very happy with our SolarBee installations."

Meet the Team

  • Picture of  Cliff Tormaschy
    Cliff Tormaschy


  • Picture of Myron Hintz
    Myron Hintz

    Information Technology Manager, President

  • Picture of Emil Anheluk
    Emil Anheluk

    Marketing and Special Projects

  • Picture of  Harvey Hibl
    Harvey Hibl

    West US Sales Manager

  • Picture of  Michael Christensen
    Michael Christensen

    East US Sales Manager

  • Picture of  Dave Summerfield
    Dave Summerfield

    Regional Manager

  • Picture of  Michelle McCadden
    Michelle McCadden

    East Coast Regional Manager

  • Picture of Craig Steve
    Craig Steve

    Regional Manager - Dakotas and Montana

  • Picture of Courtney Pankowski
    Courtney Pankowski

    Engineered Sales Manager

  • Picture of  Amy Dinius
    Amy Dinius

    Engineered Sales

  • Picture of Kayla O'Donnell
    Kayla O'Donnell

    Engineered Sales

  • Picture of Nicole Tribitt
    Nicole Tribitt

    Engineered Sales

  • Picture of  Corey Simnioniw
    Corey Simnioniw

    Manufacturing Engineering Manager

  • Picture of  Jon Zent
    Jon Zent

    Manufacturing Engineering

  • Picture of  Layne Gabbert
    Layne Gabbert

    Manufacturing Engineering

  • Picture of  Doug Walter
    Doug Walter

    Research and Development

  • Picture of Katie Harris
    Katie Harris

    Manufacturing Engineering Assistant

  • Picture of Roxy Featherstone
    Roxy Featherstone

    Drafting Tech

  • Picture of Dustin Ziegs
    Dustin Ziegs

    Drafting Tech

  • Picture of  Lacey Kupper
    Lacey Kupper

    Order Processing

  • Picture of Kayla Reiss
    Kayla Reiss

    Order Processing

  • Picture of  Kacey Stephens
    Kacey Stephens

    Scheduling Assistant

  • Picture of Cathy Tackett
    Cathy Tackett

    Customer Service

  • Picture of Jessica Dukart
    Jessica Dukart

    Customer Service

  • Picture of Lanoie Wieland
    Lanoie Wieland

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Steve Shanabarger
    Steve Shanabarger

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Jerrold Pachl
    Jerrold Pachl

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of John Davison
    John Davison

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of John Piehl
    John Piehl

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Preston Loveless
    Preston Loveless

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of John Carton
    John Carton

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Jonathan Walter
    Jonathan Walter

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Eric Sievert
    Eric Sievert

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Brandon Glasser
    Brandon Glasser

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Cody LaGue
    Cody LaGue

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Ernie Delgado
    Ernie Delgado

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Kody Braunberger
    Kody Braunberger

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Sean Kleinsasser
    Sean Kleinsasser

    Delivery & service

  • Picture of Kyle Pullen
    Kyle Pullen

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Enoch Ohene-Ntow
    Enoch Ohene-Ntow

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Justin Widder
    Justin Widder

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Joe Robinson
    Joe Robinson

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Cody Ault
    Cody Ault

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Kelly Blum
    Kelly Blum

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of Matt Yost
    Matt Yost

    Delivery & Service

  • Picture of  Curt DelaBarre
    Curt DelaBarre

    Fleet Maintenance

  • Picture of Theron Lee
    Theron Lee

    Transportation Support

  • Picture of  Kyla Bratz
    Kyla Bratz

    Assistant Safety Director

  • Picture of  Gary Kudrna
    Gary Kudrna

    Manufacturing Manager

  • Picture of  Ron Crail
    Ron Crail


  • Picture of  Scott Churchill
    Scott Churchill


  • Picture of  Roger Knaup
    Roger Knaup


  • Picture of  Gordon Kadrmas
    Gordon Kadrmas

    Grounds / Maintenance

  • Picture of  Allan Tuhy
    Allan Tuhy

    Purchasing Manager

  • Picture of  John Weber
    John Weber

    Shipping & Receiving

  • Picture of  Mike Boersma
    Mike Boersma

    Shipping & Receiving

  • Picture of  Kristy Hintz
    Kristy Hintz

    Human Resource Manager

  • Picture of  Cole Neuberger
    Cole Neuberger

    Accounting Coordinator

  • Picture of  Teia Roller
    Teia Roller


  • Picture of Tim Jokerst
    Tim Jokerst

    Information Technology

  • Picture of David Pond
    David Pond

    Information Technology

  • Picture of John Bergman
    John Bergman

    Information Technology

  • Picture of  Josie Lindley
    Josie Lindley

    Database Entry