In The Mix E-Newsletter- March 2018

An April Reminder-

graphic of three leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day.March is anchored by iconic St. Patrick's Day festivities where communities across the country will purposefully turn their water green in celebration.  Be sure to catch the April Edition of the In The Mix E-Newsletter where we will be focusing on how to keep your lakes, reservoirs, and ponds from not turning green from cyanobacteria blooms.

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In this issue:
• GS Series Potable Tank Mixers: Budget Estimate & Specifications
• AP500 Lift Station Wet Well Mixers: Budget Estimate & Specifications
• New Video Feature- Equalization Basins, Better Mixing & Energy Savings
• Mixing & THM Removal Systems, You Can Keep Your Tanks Full
• Winter is coming (again) in 10 months or so.  Mixing for potable tank ice prevention.

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title image- download budget estimates and specifications for GS Series Potable Tank Mixers and the GridBee® AP500 Wet Well Mixer.


GridBee® GS Series Potable Tank Mixers

image of GridBee® GS Series Potable Water Storage Tank MixerIt has never been easier to add active tank mixing into your budget .  Tanks need mixing and GS Series Potable Mixers are an industry-leading solution for better water quality in your distribution system.  Best mixing. Best price. Best support.

• GS Series Budget Estimate (pdf)
• GS Series Engineering Specifications (Word doc)
• Learn more about GS Series Mixers (web page)



GridBee® AP500 Wet Well Mixers

image of GridBee® AP500 Lift Station Wet Well MixerThe GridBee® AP500 is a field-proven solution for common wet well problems.  Municipalities across the country are eaperiencing firsthand the benefits of wet well mixing, less pump clogging, more pass-though,.  And now, it's easy to add into your budget!

• AP500 Budget Estimate (pdf)
• AP500 Engineering Specifications (Word doc)
• Learn more about AP500 Mixers (web page)

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video iconNew White Board Video Feature- Equalization Basins

How can you mix an EQ basin more effectively and at a lower cost?

In just under three minutes, learn how GridBee® AP Series mixing equipment can help mix your equalization basin better and pay for itself through energy savings at the same time!


Check out more of our Wastewater White Board videos!

You can also access all our videos in our Video Resource Library.

How To Achieve Huge Energy Savings In A Partial Mix Pond System With Floating Wastewater Mixers


How does a floating wastewater mixer mix a partial-mix or facultative wastewater lagoon?


How To Meet Phosphorus Removal Limits In Wastewater Ponds Using Floating Wastewater Mixers


divider lineMixing & THM Removal Systems, You Can Keep Your Tanks Full

image showing full tank with water level near overflow pipe

Many systems rely on deep draw downs, low tank levels, and flushing to break temperature stratification and keep trihalomethanes from becoming more of a problem.

This can prove useful for the short term but it isn’t a very reliable long term water quality solution.  It can also leave your system seriously vulnerable in emergency situations such as fire protection and service disruptions at the water treatment plant.

Going down a new path.

Once the decision is made to add active mixing or a trihalomethane removal system, the old way of operating the tank can be left behind.  Any good mixing or THM system will base treatment calculations and equipment sizing on a 100% full inflow rate and a 100% full tank volume.  This means your tank can run 100% full, 100% of the time.  

Now you’ll have far more water available during those critical times when it’s needed most.

  • No more deep drawdowns.
  • No more purposeful low tank levels.
  • No more flushing.

This can be an adjustment for some, especially if the tank has been operated a certain way over a long period of time, but the change is well worth it for your system and your Customers.

*This article was originally posted to the Medora Corporation Blog in December 2017.

divider lineimage meme ice in potable water storage tank "What ice problem?"Winter is coming (again) in 10 months or so.

Now's the time to do something about tank ice.

It's finally warming up a little in the cold climate parts of the country and thoughts of tank ice will fade away... 

That is until next winter.  

The best time to add mixing to your potable water tanks is when it's warm because once the freezing returns, it'll be too late to do anything.  Medora Corporation mixing equipment can help mitigate ice problems in your storage tanks.  

Check out our Tank Ice Prevention page!


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