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divider lineConsidering Spray Aeration To Remove THMs Or Other VOCs?

Medora has easy-to-use Spray Aeration Field Test Units available for loan!

image of a spray aeration demonstration field test unitNot only is spray aeration a very effective strategy to actively remove trihalomethanes (THM) from water, it can also remove other volatile organic compounds (VOC) as well.  If you have a THM / VOC problem in need of a solution, you can now test beforehand if spray aeration will work for your system.  

Contact us to learn more about our Spray Aeration Field Test Program and have one sent to you today!




divider lineLatest Published Article: Get Custom THM Stripping Without Breaking the Bank

To limit costs, consider site-specific parameters if installing off-the-shelf trihalomethane removal systems. 

document icon"Disinfection by-product (DBP) regulatory compliance requires public water systems to achieve total trihalomethane (TTHM) levels of 80 μg/L (ppb) or less for a locational running annual average throughout a community. Often a water treatment plant’s most cost-effective approach is to..."

Read entire article here!

This article was written by Medora Coporation CEO Cliff Tormaschy and appeared in the November 2017 edition of Opflow.



divider linevideo iconVideo Feature: Phosphorus Removal In Wastewater Ponds

Better phosphorus removal starts with better mixing.

Whether you apply aluminum sulfate (alum), ferric chloride, or some other precipitating compound to remove phosphorus from your wastewater, the method of delivery can have a dramatic effect on your results. 

Better mixing creates better precipitant contact within the water column and better contact leads to better phosphorus removal.  Reliable mixing with GridBee® & SolarBee® floating wastewater mixing equipment not only helps optimize your phosphorus removal strategy but it also makes for better overall treatment and processing.


See more wastewater videos in our Video Resources Library!


divider linevideo iconVideo Feature: Ice Prevention In Potable Water Storage Tanks

Stop ice.  Save your tank.  Here's how.


See more potable water videos in our Video Resources Library!


divider lineProduct Spotlight: GridBee® GS12 Potable Tank Mixer

image of GridBee® GS-12 Potable Water Storage Tank MixerExceptional mixing at an exceptional value.

The GS-12 fast became an industry standard due to its great mixing, ease of deployment, and overall affordability.  GS Series mixers can be deployed in as little as an hour with the tank full and in service.  Learn more about the GS-12 and how it can help your tank...

•Technical Data Sheet
•30-Second Operation Video
•11-Minute Installation & Deployment Training Video
•GS-12 Equipment Page With Case Studies & Other Supporting Documents
•White Paper: Potable Water Storage Tanks Need Mixing


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