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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Medora Corporation!


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video iconVideo Feature: Wastewater Energy Savings

Energy saved in your partial-mix pond system can pay for entire mixing project... fast!

This quick & easy video explains how you can displace aeration (mixing) run-time and attain a fast energy savings project payback of only 1 -3 years... even quicker if power company rebates can be applied!

There are two basic considerations when sizing aeration needs for a given pond:

  1. Dissolved oxygen production (aeration) and
  2. Dissolved oxygen distribution (mixing).  

The horsepower requirement for mixing tends to be significantly larger than the horsepower needed for aeration. The energy efficient floating wastewater mixers can provide all the mixing needed which can result in substantial energy savings (each unit can displace upwards of 30 to 50 horsepower of aeration (mixing) run-time depending on the project).




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video iconVideo Feature: Ice Prevention In Potable Water Storage Tanks

Stop ice and save your tank using proven equipment from Medora Corporation!

• Ice prevention for under $10,000

The GridBee® GS Series Submersible Electric Tank Mixers are an immediate solution for ice problems in potable water storage tanks.  With thousands of mixers installed, the GS Series Mixers have proven to be the highest performing and most cost effective mixing solution in the industry.  To install the mixer, there is no need to drain the tank and there is no chance of the mixer falling over.

• No power at the tank?

Learn more about SolarBee® solar-powered potable water mixing solutions!

• Low Tank Turnover ? Add Some Heat

Sometimes a tank just isn’t used enough for mixing to provide adequate ice protection.  The STH-8400 Submersible Electric Potable Water Tank Heater tank heater is used in cold climates when the tank has low turnover.



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Product Spotlight: The SN1 THM Removal System

Big time trihalomethane removal for your small tanks starting at less than $20,000

The GridBee® SN1 is the latest addition to the industry leading SN Series THM / VOC removal spray aeration offering from Medora Corporation.  The smallest of 5 models, the SN1 was specifically built with small tanks and small drinking water distribution systems in mind to achieve effective THM removal affordably.  The SN1 THM Removal System is designed for customer / contractor installation to treat ~75,000 GPD with a 40% Removal or to treat ~150,000 GPD with a 20% Removal.


What is a GridBee® Trihalomethane Removal System?

Watch the video below to learn more or go to the SN1 Equipment Page!


divider lineLatest Blog Article: Chlorine Residuals In A Newly Mixed Potable Water Storage Tank 

A quick primer on what to expect.

document iconActive mixing is one of the best, most sure-fire methods to maintain water quality in your potable water storage tanks. The following are some key concepts to understand when it comes to newly introduced active mixing and the chlorine residual in your already-in-use tanks. 


The Unmixed Tank Condition

Without an active mixer in the tank, water quality is dependent on... Read entire blog article here!


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