Sludge Build-Up

Sludge Buildup Out Of Control Without CirculationGood Things Happen With Good Circulation

Sludge buildup in wastewater lagoons can be very expensive problem to remedy.  Dredging costs can run into the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars which is a tough pill to swallow for any system.  The cause of sludge buildup varies from pond to pond and system to system. A properly functioning pond will typically reach a "sludge steady state" where buildup is not an issue.

The key element for any healthy pond is circulation.

Think of circulation as a means to let a pond "breathe".  Without circulation, surface films accumulate increasing surface tension which effectively chokes off gas transfer in the pond like a blanket.  The result is a buildup of toxic methane gas & sulfides in the water column impeding anearobic digestion at the bottom resulting in sludge buildup.

Introducing GridBee® / SolarBee® circulation into your management strategy can help you even out the bumps and return your pond to a sludge processing machine.

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