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Distribution System (Chlorine)

Tank Mixing & THM Removal, The Big 1-2 Punch

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The two water quality issues looming large over municipal storage tanks center around trihalomethane (THM, TTHM) removal and stagnation / stratification related problems.  

But they don't have to be...

Active Mixing adds numerous benefits for your water quality in the tank and down the line by stoping stratification and related stagnation problems in their tracks while making your disinfectant residual more uniform throughout the tank.  And active mixing is much more concistent & dependable than passive mixing systems.  Active is proactive.  

THM (trihalomethane) compliance issues?   Spray volatilization has been time proven to reduce actual thm and associated formation potential and Medora Corpration has the best, most effective, & efficient answer on the market.  Performance Guaranteed.

There are other active mixing benefits too especially for systems in cold climates.  Fighting back ice problems  can save a lot of time and money in infrastructure maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

All Medora Corporation mixing equipment for use in potable water systems can connect to a disinfectant boosting system adding another important treatment option!

  • Off-the-shelf & engineered products are available
  • All models mix from the floor to the top of the water column, no models “skip” the bottom 3-6 ft of the tank which is the most important part of the tank
  • All models have chlorine injection/boosting systems built in, and ammonia boosting can be added
  • All models can be installed and serviced with water in the tank (wet) or the tank empty (dry)
  • Many models can be installed with no tank entry at all, and the entire tank can be mixed with machine placement under the hatch
  • There are models to fit every budget and preference
  • All equipment has a 25-year design life, high reliability, and minimal service requirements
  • Our equipment has the longest and best factory warranties and factory service plans in the industry


Seal Medora Corporation Potable Mixing Equipment in NSF Ansi Standard 61 & 372 Certified

To find out if we have a water quality solution that will work for you, please explore the application information below or contact us button potable tank mixing thm tthm trihalomethane removal to discuss further how we can help!