Complete Potable Tank Mixing (Chloramine)

Every Tank Needs Mixing.

and it's especially important in chloraminated systems

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About 30% of US water systems have switched from chlorine to chloramines to reduce THMs.  Active mixing is beneficial with both types of disinfectants; however, good mixing is especially important in chloraminated systems.

Here’s why...

If chloraminated water is allowed to stratify and age too long due to poor mixing, ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) may convert free ammonia to nitrites.  The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has noted nearly two-thirds or more of tanks with chloraminated water experience unwanted nitrification and a loss of residual disinfectant, especially when water temperatures rise during warm weather.  When the temperature of chloraminated water rises above 15°C (59°F), rapid AOB growth (which are 13 times more resistant to chlorine than most bacteria) can occur particularly on the floor and walls of the tank.  To avoid this scenario, it is critical for the mixer to circulate completely along the walls and clear down to the bottom of the tank to maximize AOB exposure to available disinfectant.


Mixing is one of the most simple & effective strategies to immediately make the water quality in your tank better.


• SolarBee® Potable Tank Mixers

SolarBee® active mixers were originally developed for solving water quality problems in lakes and raw water reservoirs where they have a proven ability to efficiently circulate water long distances up to 35 surface acres or more.  SolarBee® also pioneered the modern-day potable tank mixing market in 2004.

Instead of creating turbulence, the SolarBee® utilizes near laminar, high volume flow to provide complete bottom to top, side to side mixing.  SolarBee® equipment require very little power due to its minimal lift (head), up-flow pump design. The low-power consumption, high-flow output allows the SolarBee to be powered completely by solar energy with a deep-cycle battery backup to allow 24/7 operation.  The SolarBee is a self-adjusting floating mixer with its intake about an inch above the tank floor.  This creates a full bottom to top mix giving your tank all the advantages of effective circulation.


• GridBee® GS Series Potable Tank Mixers

Utilizing all the knowledge and experience of SolarBee® high-efficiency mixing, the GridBee® GS Series is a compact, submersible electric mixer utilizing effective sheet flow to create large induced flow patterns within the tank.  The GridBee® GS rests on the tank floor to ensure a complete and consistent floor to surface mix.  The GridBee® GS was also designed for diverse deployment and can be suspended off the floor within the water column should it be required (in cases where there is a buildup of manganese in the tank for example). 

GS Series Potable Water Mixers quickly became an industry favorite and is an excellent way to introduce reliable, consistent, and affordable mixing for your tanks.

diagram showing GridBee® GS mixer continuous sheet flow & near-laminar flow

Medora Corporation has industry leading mixing options available for every tank size and configuration.


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