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No other organization has actively solved more water quality problems than Medora Corporation, SolarBee® GridBee®.  We like to talk about water quality improvement but we love to do something about it even more!  Let's get started...

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Cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae) may be the new biggest threat to lakes & raw water reservoirs

Cyanobacteria blooms and associated cyanotoxins may be at the top of the problem list for most but there are other water quality priorities depending on reservoir type and use.  Recreational lakes likely favor good fishing & safe swimming while reservoirs used as a raw water drinking source may look to minimize taste & odor issues or reduce iron & manganese coming into the plant.  

Whatever the problem to be solved, all fresh water applications share a common goal... achieving and maintaining the best and safest water possible.  

So what is there to do when it goes bad?

There is no miracle pill when it comes to water quality improvement and maintenance. Sometimes the answer to your lake problems may reside in multiple technologies and practices. Chemicals, manufactured wetlands, and other management practices may be needed as part of a well rounded, multi-pronged approach.

SolarBee® Lake Circulators can provide all the circulation needed to effectively improve your reservoir water quality from day one.

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We all have a vested interest in the best water possible. Medora Corporation circulation technologies can help attain your water quality goals.


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