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Recreational Lakes & Reservoirs

recreation lake with cabinsDon't Lose Lake Time

Recreation and lakes go hand in hand whether it's fishing, water sports, or just a relaxing vista.  Time on & near the water is extremely valuable and even minor water quality issues can have a major impact on your experience.

You will read about it all over our website... cyanobacteria (otherwise known as blue-green algae).  Blue-green algae is by far one of the largest threats to water quality the world over and SolarBee® equipment has been on the front lines for more than 14 years.  Blue-green algae may be the biggest threat but it isn't the only one.  Foul odors can be just as off-putting and this too can be resolved with SolarBee® circulation.

fishing on shore on lake with SolarBee Circulator in the background


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