Iron & Manganese Issues

"Manganese, iron, and algae in our water were no match for SolarBee."

Better Circulation Makes Better Treatment Of Iron & Manganese

Iron & manganese dissolves from sediment to the water column during anoxic events causing aesthetic and operational problems in water utilities in concentrations as low as 0.05 mg/l. Long-term consumption of water containing manganese at concentrations above 0.4 mg/l has been associated with adverse human-health effects. 

Removal is a complex endeavor...

The iron and manganese must precipitate and fall out of the water column (the precipitate can then also be removed by filters before entering the treatment plant).  Iron oxidizes fast (within seconds) and is the easiest of the two; however, manganese is more nuanced and can be in the presence of an oxidizer for 24+ hours (and still not precitipate).  

The SolarBee® solution uses hypolimnetic withdrawal in the deepest hole near the water treatment plant intake.  By pulling up the anoxic, highly concentrated iron / manganese bottom water and exposing it to the oxygen-rich epilimnion, SolarBee® circulation facilitates precipitation and can help make your incoming water more more easily treatable.


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