Cyanobacteria & Cyanotoxin Mitigation

Cyanotoxin Regulations: A New Compliance Hurdle On The Horizon

The most serious lake problem affecting the world's freshwater lakes and reservoirs are cyanobacteria blooms (also known as blue-green algae, harmful algae blooms, or HABs). HABs often produce potent toxins  (there are about 100 different ones) and odors, and also cause high pH,  low DO (dissolved oxygen) at night, and fish kills. HAB toxins pose a very serious threat to human and animal health, and can cause death shortly after ingestion. In less severe cases,  a human can swim in a lake with a HAB, and then, years later, discover the HAB caused serious liver damage, with symptoms similar to many different diseases, including diseases commonly associated with over-exposure to mold. 

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