Current economic conditions present a challenge for cities with pressing water quality issues.  Medora Corporation's Lease-Purchase Plan and Rental Plan can help, allowing equipment purchase on a monthly plan and eliminating up-front lumps in cash flow required for capital purchases.  Savings to your operating budget are immediate and substantial!  

Data on this page are taken from an actual customer installation for a wastewater system in northeastern US, with savings resulting from reduced aeration run-time (energy costs).  The concept also applies in raw water reservoirs, where SolarBee circulators can reduce plant operating costs. Medora Corporation lease-purchases and rental plans are available for all reservoir applications, including wastewater, raw water reservoirs, lakes, potable water storage tanks, stormwater ponds, water re-use ponds, industrial ponds, and others.

Lease-Purchase Plan:  "Pay with your savings" by funding your purchase with the new Lease-Purchase Plan.  The standard plan offers up to 5-year financing, allows for early payoff with no penalty, includes a non-appropriation clause, and includes the BeeKeeper Maintenance and Support Plan.

Savings with SolarBee Lease-Purchase Plan


Rental Plan:  "Try before you buy!"  Not sure that Medora Corporation equipment is the right solution for your water quality problem?  Our Rental Plan allows you to rent equipment initially and convert to a Lease-Purchase Plan or straight purchase later.  A full 50% of your rent is applied to the purchase price at the time of conversion.

Savings with SolarBee Rental


Comparison of  funding options:  The graph below provides an overview of three funding options - purchase, lease-purchase, and rental converted to lease-purchase.  Note that both the Lease-Purchase Plan and the Rental Plan eliminate the up-front lump-sum payment for equipment and installation, required in straight purchase.  All funding options converge at the lowest level, representative of the BeeKeeper Maintenance and Support Plan (renewed at customer's option). 

SolarBee Funding Options


Note: Data presented on this page is taken from a multiple-unit installation and intended for example purposes only. System sizing and cost varies by application; customer objectives and water quality parameters affect each installation. Contact us to request an estimate or for further information.

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