Medora Corporation is a world leader in sustainable reservoir water quality improvement, with low energy or chemical use.

From 2001 to 2009, most of Medora's equipment was marketed as "SolarBee" solar-powered brand of equipment. Since 2009, Medora's "GridBee" standard electric equipment has also been expanded, so that today most of Medora's equipment can be purchased as either solar-powered or electric powered.

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Medora Corporation employees at the Dickinson, ND factory Manufacturing at the Dickinson factory Installation and service crews training for potable tank hatch entry Dr. Chris Knud-Hansen, Limnologist, providing lake training for a SolarBee circulator

Medora and the water industry:  Traditionally the water industry has relied heavily on the energy and chemical industries - an estimated 7% of world energy consumption and 3% of U.S. energy consumption is used to clean up and/or process wastewater, drinking water, lake water, and stormwater. Large volumes of chemicals, many with potentially serious long-term toxicity problems, are put into lakes and other reservoirs regularly in attempts to improve water quality.

SolarBee Building

Medora history: Our original SolarBee technology was developed by Pump Systems, Inc., of Dickinson, ND. Pump Systems was founded in 1978 by Joel Bleth and Willard Tormaschy, two industrial engineers fresh out of the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND. Today both Joel and Willard are still at work every day at Medora Corporation.

From 1978 to 2006, Pump Systems built an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally as a supplier of custom-designed pumping systems for a variety of industrial uses including mining, refining, municipalities, contractors, oilfield, agriculture, and manufacturing. Pump Systems scored a 91% customer rating in September 2004, considered very high, by an independent company that thoroughly researches vendors for the US government as part of the GSA program that looks at vendors over a very long period of time. This report is posted at Pump Systems' (now Medora's) Open Rating Report.

In 2006 the company was re-organized, and the original Pump Systems was sold so the founders could focus on reservoir treatment technology. Medora Environmental Inc. is now the parent company for two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Medora Corporation (formerly SolarBee, Inc) and Medora Transport Corporation. (formerly SolarBee Transport Corporation). Medora Corporation has followed the proud heritage of Pump Systems and continues to provide great service to its customers, which are now found in the US and 15 other countries.

The name "Medora" comes from the town of Medora, ND, which is located just 40 miles west of Dickinson and is in the heart of the scenic North Dakota Badlands. Medora symbolizes the integrity, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit of one of its most famous citizens, Theodore Roosevelt, who went on to become 26th president of the US from 1901-1909. Theodore Roosevelt was a remarkable person with a clear understanding of the difference between action and talk, the difference between somebody actually solving problems and somebody that just theorizes about them, and he is often quoted in this regard. Learn more about Theodore Roosevelt at

The home office of Medora Corporation is in Dickinson, ND, and the company's 70 employees include scientists, engineers, manufacturing personnel, and factory-trained service technicians. The company operates from a modern 45,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant located on 19 acres. Medora also has ten US Regional Offices from coast to coast, and an International Sales Office in Fargo, ND.

Medora Corporation strives to be an excellent corporate citizen, with a corporate philosophy emphasizing sustainable development, water quality and conservation, and energy efficiency.  Medora has excellent financial strength, and its projects are bondable.

At Medora Corporation, we are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and our neighbors. It is our goal to complete our projects without incident and to incorporate safety awareness into all of our operations. At Medora Corporation we believe safety is a shared responsibility and is the responsibility of each employee. Our goal reaches beyond having all employees return to their homes and families at the end of the day, the end of a project, or the end of a job without having suffered a work related injury or illness. At Medora Corporation we infuse safety and awareness into our employees as a habit on the job, and influence a safety culture with their families off the job.


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